Persuader Resolution Passes House Committee

On Wednesday, April 27, the House Education & the Workforce Committee held a markup on Representative Byrne’s resolution of disapproval of the Department of Labor’s final “persuader” regulations (H. J. Res. 87). The resolution would nullify the Department of Labor’s persuader rule, which was finalized on March 24, 2016. The resolution passed the committee by […]


Tom Perez’s Clinton Bait

Wall Street Journal

Hillary Clinton is said to be considering Tom Perez as a running mate, and the Labor Secretary is working overtime on his progressive resume. Take the Labor Department’s new “persuader rule,” which gives unions another tool to bludgeon business.


CDW Statement in Advance of House Ed and Workforce Hearing on DOL Rule

The DOL has not only ignored thousands of public comments submitted when imposing the “persuader” regulation, but also disregarded the clear requirements Congress imposed on rulemaking procedures. As a result, the DOL has offered a flawed regulation that will bring harm to millions of small and mid-sized American businesses.


Video: Explaining The “Persuader Rule”

The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace released a video explaining the threats to small business and attorney-client relationship posed by a Department of Labor rule that would remove an advice exemption to the “persuader” rule.

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