Protecting the Right to Organize Act

On March 9, Democrats in the House of Representatives passed the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act (H.R. 842, S. 420). This radical legislation includes dozens of provisions, some of which would:

  • strip away workers’ free choice in union elections as well as their privacy rights;
  • codify into law the NLRB’s controversial Browning-Ferris Industries joint-employer standard that has threatened our country’s small and local businesses;
  • curb opportunities for people to work independently through gig economy platforms or more traditional independent contractor roles;
  • eliminate Right-to-Work protections for workers across the country, including in the twenty-seven states that have passed Right-to-Work laws;
  • interfere with attorney-client confidentiality and make it harder for businesses, particularly small businesses, to secure legal advice on complex labor law matters;
  • prohibit arbitration agreements in employment contracts;
  • infringe on the due process rights of employers; and
  • strip away “secondary boycott” protections that prevent unions from using their anti-trust exemptions and immunity from certain state laws to target businesses for anti-competitive purposes other than organizing.

With this legislation Congressional Democrats are attempting to implement Obama-era labor law policies that were rejected by the judicial system, opposed on a bipartisan basis in Congress, and/or withdrawn by the agencies that the prior administration tried to use to implement the policies unilaterally. All of these entities realized those policies violated the law, exceeded the authority granted to the implementing agencies, or would cause serious damage to the American workplace.

CDW has launched an extensive campaign in order to educate both lawmakers and the public about the detrimental consequences of this legislation.


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