CDW Applauds Congress for Passing Resolution to Nullify NLRB’s Disastrous Joint Employer Rule

On April 10, the Senate passed HJRes 98, a Congressional Review Act resolution to nullify the NLRB’s joint employer final rule. The resolution already passed the House, meaning the bill is headed to President Biden’s desk for signature.

The following can be attributed to CDW Chair Kristen Swearingen:

“The NLRB’s final rule was a massive expansion of the joint employer standard that would have violated the NLRA and common law. It would have created widespread confusion throughout the economy and jeopardized millions of small businesses. That’s why both federal courts and Congress have moved to nullify it before it could take effect.

“CDW applauds the Senate for taking this step to protect the economy and specifically the small businesses that would have been devastated by this rulemaking. We now urge President Biden to sign this bill into law. Doing so will provide certainty to American businesses, stabilize labor relations, and rein in the Board’s egregious actions.”