CDW Questions Invitation to Teamsters to Speak at Republican National Convention

On June 21, former President Trump announced that Teamsters President Sean O’Brien would speak at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

The following statement can be attributed to Coalition for a Democratic Workplace Chair Kristen Swearingen:

“The Teamsters, and specifically their president, have routinely pursued policies that would harm American workers, Main Street businesses, and the economy at large. O’Brien’s policy priorities include forcing union membership on workers and destroying businesses if they do not cave to his demands.

“Moreover, under O’Brien’s leadership, the Teamsters spent millions of dollars supporting Democratic candidates and an anti-business, anti-worker agenda. A new Center for Union Facts report highlights just how one-sided their spending has been over the years, and this spending comes despite the fact that Teamsters’ members are now just as likely to identify as Republican as Democratic, as the American Survey Center recently demonstrated.

“Allowing O’Brien to take the stage at the Republican National Convention gives credibility to a dangerous policy agenda and a platform to an individual who ignores workers’ rights and opinions. The RNC and former President Trump should reconsider their invitation.”