ICYMI: WSJ Slams Biden’s Labor Chief; Urges Senate to Block Nomination

WASHINGTON, D.C.A scathing new opinion piece written by the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board examines Chairwoman Lauren McFerran’s tenure as the head of President Biden’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and urges the U.S. Senate to not move on her candidacy to serve another term. 

Both Republicans and Democrats believe that the NLRB has become too extreme, and many believe that McFerran should not be reappointed, despite her ongoing support from Biden.

Kristen Swearingen, Chair of the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace representing more than 500 leading business groups, released the following statement on the WSJ Editorial Board’s opinion piece: “President Biden has chosen to politicize the NLRB, to an unprecedented level, at the expense of American workers and their families, solely to curry favor with union bosses ahead of a contentious presidential election. American workers deserve better and so do the millions of job creators who McFerran has vilified. McFerran’s reign of anti-business and anti-worker policies must come to an end, and her nomination for another term should be soundly rejected by the Senate.” 


Key passages in the WSJ op-ed include: 

“…the agency has shed any veneer of fairness during her tenure, trampling the rights of small and large businesses. A series of rulings since 2021 have stretched the protections in labor law wide enough to make workers virtually unfireable, as long as they belong to a union or wish to join one.

“Dozens of rulings fit the same pattern, with the NLRB tearing up the rights of businesses or non-union workers.

“These decisions send a clear message to employers: Roll over for union activists, or the NLRB will turn any management decision into a labor violation. 

“Congress has noted the shift, and even some Democrats believe the agency has swung too far. Sens. Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema and Angus King joined Republicans in voting to rescind the NLRB’s recent joint-employer rule, which breaks precedent to help unions organize franchise businesses. President Biden vetoed the bipartisan Congressional Review Act resolution and let the harmful rule take effect.

“Mr. Biden has timed his appointments to the labor board to minimize resistance. He broke with tradition by not choosing a Republican to fill an open seat when the previous chairman, picked by President Trump, retired in 2022. 

“It’s an offer the Senate should refuse. Reapproving the sitting chairman would be business as usual in a Senate that has whooped through too many of Mr. Biden’s progressive nominees. The economy and the rights of workers will suffer if Ms. McFerran is confirmed again after her demonstrably lawless record.”