REPORT: Biden NLRB Chair Is Tolerating Racism, Sexism in the Workplace and Demanding Employers Do the Same

Biden’s NLRB turns blind eye towards racial slurs used by union members 


WASHINGTON, D.C. – A new report by the Institute For the American Worker (I4AW) uncovered countless examples of racist and sexist language used in unionization campaigns across America under National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Chairwoman Lauren McFerran who was just nominated by President Biden to serve another term.

The report charges that Chair McFerran has been silent and complicit on the use of racist and sexist slurs used by union members. According to the report, there are several examples of racist and sexist language used in unionization campaigns across the nation. “Gutter b—h.,” “F–k you n—-r,” “Stupid f—–g moron,” “Go back to Africa, you bunch of f—–g losers,” and “You f——g b—- n—–r lovin’ whore” is just a handful of the language that I4AW says has been permissible by McFerran’s NLRB.

The I4AW report alleges that by permitting the use of this vulgar language, “…the NLRB is denying job creators the ability to protect their employees and maintain an amicable, civil workplace. The rhetoric the Board protects can create a culture of fear and destroy a respectful workplace.”

Kristen Swearington, Chair of the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, released the following statement on the report and Chairwoman McFerran’s renomination to lead the NLRB: “President Biden’s renomination of Lauren McFerran to run the NLRB is a slap in the face to the diverse group of American workers we fight for every day. Her silence in the face of racism and sexism, circumventing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, is downright immoral—all because those perpetrating the heinous acts are union members and supporters. In America, no one is above the law, and McFerran has proved to be an inept leader stuck in the 60’s.”

In a recent opinion piece in the Wall Street JournalMatthew Mimnaugh—a fellow at the Institute for the American Worker and former chief counsel at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission—derided President Biden’s NLRB Chairwoman writing, The NLRB may be fine with racism and sexism, but the Senate should oppose it. Ms. McFerran’s term expires in December, and regardless of what happens in November’s presidential election, Republicans and Democrats alike should demand a nominee who will stand against discrimination.”


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