CDW Applauds House Appropriators for Maintaining NLRB Funding, Electronic Voting Rider

Washington, DC – On March 21, Congressional appropriators released the minibus for FY25 that includes funding for the National Labor Relations Board. The minibus provides the NLRB with the same funding levels as it received in FY24 and includes the long-standing policy rider that prohibits the Board from implementing electronic voting in union representation elections. CDW applauds appropriators for these decisions.

The following statement can be attributed to CDW Chair Kristen Swearingen:

“CDW appreciates Congress keeping NLRB funding flat in FY25 and maintaining the policy rider on electronic voting. As we explained in our recent letter, electronic voting would break with NLRB precedent, increase the risk of coercion and fraud in representation elections, and waste the NLRB’s resources. Secret ballot elections are the gold standard and should be guaranteed to workers in order to ensure they can voice their opinion on representation without the threat of harassment or intimidation.

“The NLRB over the last few years has pursued damaging policies that risk significant negative repercussions for the economy, workers, and employers. Congress is right to maintain the agency’s funding to help limit the Board’s harmful policies, but frankly that may not be enough. Future policy riders may be necessary to further rein in the Board if they continue to move forward with their biased and unreasonable policies. Congress should considered using the appropriations process to ensure the Board cannot exceed its authority.”