CDW Files Comment on NLRB’s So-Called “Fair Choice” NPRM

Washington, DC – On February 2, CDW filed comments on the NLRB’s proposed rulemaking eliminating important worker protections related to union representation and elections. The Board is planning to rescind Trump-era policies that ensured workers the right to freely choose whether or not they want union representation and guaranteed workers a secret ballot election.

The following statement can be attributed to CDW Chair Kristen Swearingen:

“Despite the title of this proposal, this rulemaking does not offer workers a ‘fair choice’ or the ability to exercise their voices on union representation. In reality, it eliminates common sense measures that ensure workers are fully able to express their wishes on whether or not they want union representation in the workplace. The proposal will undeniably undermine employee free choice by forcing them into unions without secret ballot elections and preventing elections from even being held, denying the will of employee.

“Protecting workers’ rights to free choice is a vital responsibility of the NLRB. Instead of implementing this misguided proposed rule, the Board should reaffirm the current procedures that protect workers’ right to vote and self-determination.”