CDW Sends Letter to Hill Opposing Radical Labor Provisions in Reconciliation Bill

Washington, DC – On October 4, CDW sent a letter to all members of Congress laying out the radical labor provisions being pushed through the partisan reconciliation bill. The bill includes:


  • excessive civil monetary penalties for any and all violations of the NLRA;
  • personal liability for directors and officers;
  • new violations of the NLRA;
  • union neutrality requirements for direct care grants; and
  • funding for electronic voting systems in union elections.

Implementation of these policies will have devastating consequences for the economy, especially at a time where businesses across the country are still struggling to survive the pandemic and economic downturn.

As CDW explains in the letter, “These provisions are significant, substantive policy changes and are therefore inappropriate for inclusion in the Reconciliation Bill.” They are radical changes to current law, and Congress should be required to go through regular order to implement them.