CDW Calls on NLRB to Weigh in on Mail-Ballot Elections

Washington, D.C. – On February 3, CDW submitted an amicus brief to the NLRB in support of Amazon’s Request for Review of a Regional Director’s decision dealing with a representation election at an Amazon facility in Alabama.

In our brief, CDW called on the Board to review the case in order to clarify when mail-ballot elections will be required during the COVID-19 pandemic, including defining what qualifies as a COVID-19 “outbreak” in a workplace, and cautioned the Board against its increased tolerance of remote voting methods that have shown to substantially reduce voter participation.

Chair Kristen Swearingen explained, “The Board needs to clarify when mail balloting is appropriate and address mail-ballot voter participation issues before rushing into an election with thousands of workers. The Board should also examine the current method of electronic card collection and whether it is opening the door to fraud and violations of employees’ privacy. NLRB precedent rightfully favors in-person elections, and the Board should continue to use that option to ensure a true majority of eligible employees want and choose union representation.”