CDW Files Comments on Ambush Election RFI

Washington, D.C. – On April 18, over 70 companies, organizations, and trade associations joined comments filed by the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace in response to the National Labor Relations Board’s Request for Information about stakeholders experiences with the 2014 changes to the agency’s election procedures. The changes unnecessarily shortened the election timeframes, depriving employees of important information and employers of due process rights. CDW’s comments asked the NLRB to entirely revoke the 2014 changes – known as the “ambush elections rule” –  and made other suggested improvements to the election process.

CDW Chair Kristen Swearingen said in a statement, “This rule was designed to ambush both workers and employers in an effort to tip the scales in favor of unions at the expense of open debate. The rule degrades the election process by blocking employers’ due process rights and workers’ ability to hear from both sides during an organizing drive. The NLRB now has an opportunity to undo this inappropriate rulemaking and reestablish balance in representation elections. CDW commends the NLRB for seeking public input and looking for ways to protect the rights of workers and the integrity of the election process.”