CDW Sees Victory As Nuclear Option Averted

CDW Says Deal Fits Goals of Its “Don’t Nuke The Senate Campaign” and Removes Inappropriate Nominees

WASHINGTON, D.C. // Today, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW) released the following statement about the Senate’s reported deal to avert a “nuclear option” to end filibuster rules in the Senate, which involves the removal of nominations of Richard Griffin and Sharon Block to the National Labor Relations Board. CDW had opposed the nominations and launched an aggressive lobbying and six-figure “Don’t Nuke The Senate” media campaign, which included inside-the-Beltway ads and a digital campaign targeting key states.

CDW chairman Geoffrey Burr said:

“We’re pleased with an outcome that preserves the integrity of the Senate’s role in nominations and the important institutional processes of the Senate. Today’s agreement is a tacit admission that the President’s nominations of two illegally recess appointed individuals led to unnecessary tension. Thankfully, the nominees that accepted the illegal recess appointments will be withdrawn and the process of filling the NLRB can begin in good faith and in earnest.

“We hope the Senate will continue its deliberative duty and find acceptable nominations for the National Labor Relations Board. Employees and employers deserve a Board that is fair and seeks to advance rather than restrict workplace democracy.

“We will continue to fight to ensure the NLRB enforces, rather than rewrites, labor law and oppose efforts to trample the rights of employees and employers alike.”