Senator Introduces Key Workplace Bill

Employers Thank Senator For Introducing Bill To Remedy Rogue NLRB Decision

WASHINGTON, D.C. // NOVEMBER 10 // Today, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace thanked Sen. Johnny Isakson for introducing a bill that would remedy inappropriate, overreaching actions by the National Labor Relations Board to fracture the workplace and create a swarm of “micro unions.”

The bill would effectively reverse the NLRB’s radical decision in Specialty Healthcare, where the Obama’s Board voted 3-1 to change decades of well-established law for determining which employees should be part of a bargaining unit represented by a union. The Specialty Healthcare decision, which impacts as many as six million workplaces, permits union organizers to gerrymander union representation elections, effectively disenfranchising many workers, and create swarms of “micro-unions,” which could overwhelm employers with conflicting work rules, pay scales and bargaining schedules. Micro-unions can leave employees silo-ed in departments as those working under collective bargaining agreements generally cannot perform work assigned to another unit. This robs employees of opportunities for cross training and career advancement, while also crippling productivity.

CDW chairman Geoffrey Burr said, “Employers across America thank Sen. Isakson and all those who cosponsored this legislation for their leadership on this important issue and in restoring a fair, reasonable balance to the workplace.” Burr concluded, “since the added burden and uncertainty caused by the NLRB’s micro-union ruling dampens the ability and interest of entrepreneurs and employers to create jobs and spur an economic recovery, Sen. Isakson’s legislation is needed to set us back on a course to economic recovery.”