Official Notice: NLRB Furthers Big Labor’s Agenda

CDW Disappointed By Administration’s “Poster” Rule

Washignton, DC // August 25, 2011 // Today, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace released the following statement by chairman Geoffrey Burr regarding the National Labor Relations Board’s announcement that it has finalized a rule that will require employers across the nation to display posters that are tantamount to advertisements for joining a union:

“The NLRB’s notice is biased, unnecessary and beyond the Board’s authority to require.

“We are disappointed that the NLRB has ignored a major outpouring of public comments by thousands of employers regarding its attempts to tip the scales on behalf of Big Labor and move forward with a new and controversial regulatory burden.

“There will now be more red tape and potential penalties for 6 million businesses. If the administration is truly concerned about job creation, this is precisely the wrong measure at the wrong time. It appears this rule is more about pleasing Big Labor than creating jobs.”