Employers Laud Job Protection Act To Curb Overzealous NLRB

200 Employers Thank Senators Alexander, Graham and DeMint

WASHINGTON, D.C. // May 25, 2011 // On behalf of millions of employers, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace today sent a letter supporting S. 964, the Job Protection Act. The bill would ensure employers have the ability to choose which states they can operate and create jobs in by preventing the highly politicized National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from continuing to overstep its authority.

The letter, signed by 200 organizations, details concerns over the Board’s recent actions and thanks the bill’s sponsors, Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN), Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) and Sen. Jim DeMint (SC) for their leadership. It reads in part:

The Job Protection Act addresses this most recent action by the NLRB and would guarantee that businesses and entrepreneurs have the ability to decide where to conduct their business and to discuss with workers and the public various costs associated with unionization. We applaud your leadership in introducing legislation to prevent the NLRB’s unprecedented intrusion on free enterprise. The Job Protection Act will encourage investment in our nation and its workforce.

We thank you for introducing the Job Protection Act and encourage Members of Congress to use every tool available to them to stop this rogue agency from implementing policies to appease a single special interest at the expense of workers, businesses and our economy.

The entire letter can be found at