CDW Statement on NLRB’s Complaint Against Boeing

WASHINGTON, D.C. // APRIL 22, 2011 // Today, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW) issued the following statement in response to the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) recent complaint against Boeing seeking to require that the company assemble certain aircraft in its unionized Washington State aircraft production plant rather than its non-unionized South Carolina plant:

CDW Chair Geoffrey Burr said, “The federal government has no right to dictate where a company can or cannot create jobs. The fact that the NLRB is attempting to do so to placate Big Labor’s demands makes this all the more outrageous. This is yet another example of the Board abandoning its proper role as a neutral government agency in order to promote special interest and politically powerful unions at the expense of workers and the economy.”

“According to the Wall Street Journal, Boeing has already ‘created more than 1,000 jobs and has brought around $2 billion of investment to South Carolina.’ As no unionized positions in Washington State have been affected, one has to wonder how the Board can have a role in this matter. The NLRB was already well outside the mainstream of action for the agency’s 70-plus years of history. This latest move to push Big Labor’s agenda at the expense of hundreds of jobs is sure to land the Board outside the mainstream of Americans’ public opinion as well.”

About the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace,
The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace is a coalition of workers, employers, associations and organizations who are fighting to protect the right to a federally supervised private ballot when workers are deciding whether or not to join a union.