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Regulators at the National Labor Relations Board and Department of Labor are trying to rig rules to deny employers time to speak to employees about union organizing drives and to create a chilling effect so small businesses won't be able to get quality legal counsel.

If you are a member of CDW (or a member of one of our members), please use the quick forms below to tell the Department of Labor to stop these job-killing rules and encourage your Members of Congress to support laws protecting employees and employers!

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Please finish the pre-filled form below to ask your representative to pass legislation stopping the NLRB and DOL's attacks.

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Press releases

Employers to Administration: Let Us Call Our Lawyer!

July 13, 2011

CDW Seeks Extension for DOL Rulemaking Comment Period WASHINGTON, D.C. // July 13, 2011 // Today, Coalition for a Democratic Workplace Chairman Geoffrey Burr released the following statement as it filed a request that the Department of Labor extend by 90 days the comment period for its proposed rulemaking, which would create a chilling effect [...]

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Obama’s NLRB Ambushes Jobs Yet Again

July 8, 2011

The NLRB has shown yet again today that it’s willing to ambush workers and employees. It’s telling that the Board will not allow proper time for stakeholders to weigh in on the proposed rules, which will ensure employers don’t have sufficient time to educate employees and union bosses can organize without having to offer all the facts.

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Time Out! Employers Call for Proper NLRB Pause

July 6, 2011

Today, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW) and major employer representatives called on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to extend the comment period by 90 days on a proposed rule that would have wide-ranging ramifications for as many as six million workplaces.

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Speeding Labor Elections Unfair to Companies, U.S. Employers Say

July 18, 2011

The proposal is “designed to deprive employers of representation,” Charles Cohen, an attorney at Morgan Lewis and Bockius LLP, said in testimony prepared for the hearing. He represents the Washington-based Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, which calls itself an alliance of workers and employers opposed to federal legislation making unionization easier.

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Today’s NLRB hearing shows nominations have consequences

Long before the federal government’s unprecedented attack on Boeing began, President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board launched itself on a crash course with our country’s economic recovery. The first step came in the nomination of Craig Becker, and, as he pushes the federal government into uncharted territory to bail out Big Labor during Monday’s NLRB hearing, we are reminded why nominations matter for public policy.

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Time To Cut, Cap And Balance National Labor Relations Board

July 14, 2011

On July 18, the NLRB is holding a hearing on its proposal to overhaul virtually the entire manner and set of rules by which union-representation elections are conducted in the workplace. To the surprise of no one who can read federal election donation reports, all of the agency’s changes appear to help union bosses at the expense of everyone else.

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CDW: NLRB backs Boeing assault with new attack

Even as the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is pilloried by the editorial pages of mainstream newspapers from coast to coast for its ridiculous efforts to tell Boeing how – and where – to create jobs, the captured agency is already warning of its next target: the 6 million businesses, large and small, within the [...]

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