CDW: With McDonald’s Decision, NLRB Orders Up Assault On Franchises

Coalition Denounces Latest Administration Giveaway to Union Organizers

WASHINGTON, D.C. // DECEMBER 19, 2014 // Today, the nationwide Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW) reacted to the release of 13 complaints by the National Labor Relations Board against McDonald’s franchisees and McDonald’s USA as joint employers.

CDW Chairman Geoffrey Burr said, “It’s clear at this point that the Obama administration’s NLRB will trample on anyone they need to in order to help organized labor reclaim some market share. This time they’re going after small business entrepreneurs who franchise to well-known company names. Instead of trying to protect workers or adjudicate legitimate labor disputes, this NLRB prefers to undermine decades of precedent regarding joint employers, and the net effect of an ill-advised, illegal decision will be fewer employers overall.”