Supreme Fight Over Recess Players

CDW Files SCOTUS Brief In NLRB Appointments Game

WASHINGTON, D.C. // MAY 24, 2013 // Today, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace announced it has filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court to support a federal appeals court ruling that invalidated illegal executive appointments to the National Labor Relations Board. CDW has been involved throughout the Noel Canning canning case, which led to the appeals court to declare that the Obama administration wrongly attempted to install “recess” nominees while the Senate was, in fact, in session.

CDW chairman Geoffrey Burr said, “Employers have defended the constitutional role of the Senate in the appointment process and have sought to overturn harmful policies pushed through an illegally constituted Labor Board. We had every expectation that the fight would continue and today’s legal filing marked the next step in the legal process.”

Burr concluded, “We are confident the Supreme Court will recognize the logic and wisdom laid out in the U.S. Court of Appeals’ rulings and we will see the process through to the end.”

See the filing here.