CDW Responds To Obama NLRB Nominations

National Coalition Disappointed In President’s Selections

WASHINGTON, DC // APRIL 9, 2013 // Today, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace issued the following statement on behalf of Chairman Geoffrey Burr in response to reports that President Obama will add nominations that would create a National Labor Relations Board that includes Mark Pearce, Richard Griffin, Sharon Block:

“Today, the President failed workers and employers alike with his insincere proposal to reconstitute the National Labor Relations Board, an important workplace-related federal agency. If the President actually was serious about establishing a functioning NLRB for workers and employers, he would not have nominated Richard Griffin and Sharon Block, who accepted unconstitutional appointments and then chose to remain in those illegal appointments after a federal court vacated their tenure. Ms. Block and Mr. Griffin’s actions have caused unnecessary uncertainty in labor relations and our economy and, as a result, they are not suitable candidates.

“Mark Pearce is an equally unacceptable candidate. Chairman Pearce oversaw the most radical NLRB in history. During his tenure, Chairman Pearce has damaged the Board’s credibility and brought unprecedented uncertainty to labor relations by spearheading unwise policy initiatives, including the notice-posting rule and an unfair ‘ambush election’ rule, both of which have been struck down by federal courts. He has also issued decisions implementing Specialty Healthcare that fragments our workforce with swarms of micro-unions. These efforts have embroiled the NLRB in unnecessary litigation and hindered job growth.

“At this point, the President needs to show he’s serious by withdrawing retread nominees and finding serious candidates who are committed to the law as it is written, not as the President’s supporters in Big Labor would have it read.”