CDW: Mr. President, Don’t Backdoor Labor Board Appointments

Employer Coalition Adamant Against NLRB Recess Appointments

WASHINGTON, D.C. // DECEMBER 20, 2011 // Today, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, which represents over 600 employers, associations and other organizations operating in every Congressional District, thanked 47 Senate Republicans for signing a letter asking President to refrain from misusing recess appointments to restock the run-amok National Labor Relations Board.

On Monday, Senate Republicans wrote to ask the President not to use recess appointments for nominees Sharon Block and Richard Griffin, in part because it would “needlessly provoke a constitutional conflict between the Senate and the White House.”

Another good reason is because the last Board Member installed by circumventing the traditional Senate process, longtime union strategist Craig Becker, worked tirelessly against the rights of employees and employers in an effort to make it easier for his former bosses in Big Labor to sign up more dues-paying union members, seemingly without regard to consequence or fairness.

CDW chairman Geoffrey Burr said, “Craig Becker’s tenure on the NLRB was a stain on this administration and we thank Republican Senators for trying to ensure that history does not repeat itself.” Burr concluded, “Recess is not the time for the President to give Christmas gifts to Big Labor.”